Why is Methamphetamine Addiction such a Big Threat on Substance Abuse in Ohio?

June 27, 2008

About ten years ago, there was no prevalence of methamphetamine in Ohio at all. Even when other areas of the US were seeing an onslaught of this terrible drug, Ohio was safe. But the picture is quite different today. Now, methamphetamine addiction in Ohio is as rampant as in any other high meth density area of the nation. Just like in the other states, meth addiction in Ohio is concentrated among the youngsters too. This is actually what is making the issue more serious.

There are two main sources for the entry of this form of drug addiction in Ohio. One of the main sources is through illegal drug trafficking that is constantly happening through the roadways. Methamphetamine comes into Ohio from all its neighboring states and even from places such as California, Nevada and the country of Mexico. This is the first source. Secondly, methamphetamine is also produced locally in the state using common ingredients such as antifreeze, lantern fuel and cough syrups contains ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. This is done in various small labs that are scattered throughout the state. This is the bigger source of supply because these labs operate in people’s homes located in remote areas and there is no way of nabbing them, even though the meth lab seizure laws are quite strict in Ohio.

However, to combat this issue, you will also find many centers for rehabilitation in Ohio that focus mainly on meth addiction. These are mainly targeted at the youth, because they are the main victims of this form of addiction.


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