Who Can Use The Outpatient Treatment Program For Drug Abuse In Virginia?

August 5, 2008

Though the outpatient treatment program in Virginia has become quite popular among people who are trying to look for some or the other kind of treatment for their drug dependencies, it is very important to note that this program might not be suitable for all. The very reason why the program is popular, i.e. it does not need to patient to be isolated in a treatment center, is responsible for making this program unsuitable to most people. People who are in mild forms of addictions will do well with the outpatient program for drug addiction treatment in Virginia. Also people who are just out of a detox treatment in Virginia use the outpatient treatment program as an aftercare mode and for them it works excellently. But, the following kinds of patients of addiction must not use the outpatient program:-

1.    Those who have been with their addiction for a very long period or those who have been consuming the substance quite extensively,
2.    Those who feel that there is a definite increase in the amount of substance they are using in the recent past, which is going to dangerous levels, and they cannot, for some reason, get out of the denial mode,
3.    Those who have some health complications,
4.    Those who have some psychiatric ailment, which could either be a cause of their addiction or could be a result of their addiction and
5.    Those who cannot work up a determination to stay away from the addictive substance for some reason or the other.

People who are in these categories have other options of drug treatment in Virginia. A counselor will be able to help select the best kind of option.


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