Understanding the Real Motive of the Courts for Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction in California

July 18, 2008

There is a section of people that do not mind raising flak over the drug and alcohol courts in California. When a person is proved guilty of an alcohol or drug related offense in California, the drug courts would order the person to complete a program in a drug school or a residential treatment center within the state. Until and unless this program is completed, the person might not be able to get all the privileges that citizens get, such as freedom of movement. In case of a person who has been caught guilty of DUI, the license may be suspended until the person completes a spell in an alcohol treatment center in California. In this way, the programs are strictly implemented, but there are some people who feel that these orders are not quite fair and the issue can be approached in another manner, especially considering that drug and alcohol abuse are considered as mental illnesses in the state.

However, the fact of the matter is that the drug courts have definitely helped the cause of addiction treatment in California in a major way. By almost forcing these people for treatment, they have ensured that they at least get into some form of treatment. Most people who are into alcohol and drug addiction in California are in a state of denial and they would not accept any kind of treatment for their condition. By issuing orders for such compulsory treatment, they are making sure that more and more people are getting treated. Statistics prove that 98% of the people who have been treated through such orders in the state have not reverted to their addictions. This is certainly a commendable achievement.


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