Seven Possible Signs of Substance Abuse in the Treatment Program in Florida

June 30, 2008

The state of Florida has made it quite clear on its state health website that substance abuse and addiction is a problem that saps the economy, but can be eradicated if concerted efforts are made. The authorities on substance abuse in Florida call upon the families to recognize alcohol and drug abuse in their members. There is also a clear instruction set on how families can intervene to bring their substance dependent members into centers for addiction treatment in Florida. This includes recognizing the factors that indicate there’s a dependency in the person. Towards this end, the addiction treatment program in Florida has outlined the seven indicative signs of a dependency that all families must be aware of.

These are the seven signs as outlined by the treatment program in Florida:-
1.    Any marked change in the school habit of the person, including a decline in their grades at school and complains of irregular attendance,
2.    Any significant and unreasonable change in the appearance of the person,
3.    Any significant and inexplicable change in the person’s behavior and general disposition,
4.    A tendency to stay aloof from social gatherings, mostly family dos,
5.    Shirking from responsibility of any kind, especially if there was no such behavior earlier,
6.    Unusual behavioral patterns that seem to have cropped up suddenly in the individual and
7.    Disinterest in things that are going on in the immediate environment, especially if this kind of disinterest has begun occurring lately.

Families that notice such signs must seek counseling at any treatment center in Florida, where they will get the right diagnosis and then instructions on what they must do ahead.


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